UTSA begins to carve out a championship identity

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Football truly is the front porch to a university, and at UTSA this is no different. The 210 culture forged by our decade old football team is already proving to be contagious with basketball starting off the season on a winning note and women’s soccer taking home the conference championship all within the past couple of weeks. 

With that said, there is now a golden opportunity that sits at the doorstep on the front porch at The University of Texas at San Antonio. It is something even our beloved Spurs could not do during the dynasty years. Something so elusive that most sports teams, professional, collegiate high school or even youth leagues rarely achieve. It is something this great city has never seen from one of its sports teams, and, quite frankly, deserves to see. 

What we are looking at here, folks, is a chance to go back-to-back and repeat as champions. 

A few weeks back, I mentioned that the San Antonio I know wouldn’t turn away a lost puppy if it showed up at their door. Our fanbase responded. They brought that puppy in, took a risk and had some faith. 

That puppy, now a little bit bigger, sits proudly by your rocking chair to the left of your front door. The pup is a welcoming sign, and as the mailman comments on how he is such a good boy you realize that you made the right decision to bring him in, and that your front porch just got a little bit better. 

Imagine what it will be like when that pup is fully grown. 

The Roadrunners are peaking at the right time. Coming off consecutive blowouts of Louisiana Tech and Rice, with only El Paso left to take care of at home in the dome, UTSA Football is primed to accomplish the feat of repeating as champions. 

Jeff Traylor and his football team are hosting the CUSA Championship game for the second straight season. That game is on December 2nd and will be nationally televised. The Alamodome, on a Friday night, will be on full display for the nation to see what the 210, and everything that comes with that, is all about.

There are many unknowns at play when you start to think about December 2. Will we see more Alamodome Magic? I do not know; your guess is as good as mine. Does UTSA have what it takes to overcome everything they have had to overcome this season and take home a second straight trophy? Maybe, maybe not. Will we see a rematch with North Texas? That remains to be seen. 

The most important question of all however is not about an opponent or outcome, injuries or starting lineups. The most important element is centered around one thing and one thing only. 

Will Roadrunner Nation, the 210, our great City of San Antonio show up? 

Damn straight we will.  


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