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Are we sold on UTSA Football yet, San Antonio?

As you may recall, recently here at Alamodome Audible, the good folks in charge have run a couple pieces outlining UTSA Football’s Alamodome magic and what it could be like to build tradition.

Saturday, inside the historic Alamodome, San Antonians witnessed firsthand both a little magic and a taste of what it means to beat a bitter rival, which in turn builds tradition, in dramatic, unbelievable, and sensational fashion. Live, and in the flesh. Right smack dab in the middle of it all.

We saw the tangible results that increased local fan involvement can yield, and we all learned that the North end of the Dome has that mystique, that X factor if you will, just like the South end as originally reported.

A rivalry that has what it takes to withstand the test of time evolved by leaps and bounds in a span of four hours, and the legend of Oscar Cardenas cemented itself even deeper into UTSA football lore.

Neither of those things happen without the nearly 30 thousand patrons in attendance who believe, even if just a little bit, that UTSA will become a college football powerhouse. I would be willing to bet that if you didn’t believe before, that you sure do now.

If you don’t, if you still have doubt and are not “sold” yet just know you are only cheating yourself.

That one handed grab by Cardenas is something I, and countless others, will tell grandchildren about. Right after we tell them about the other most important game-winning touchdown catch in UTSA history that Oscar “Big O” Cardenas made the year before.

And you know why we get to tell those legendary tales?

Because we were part of it.

This is the stuff legends are made of folks, and these are the things that keep residents wanting more.

The caveat?

It doesn’t happen without us, the fans, the 210.

Without the San Antonio community, there is no Alamodome Magic, there are no championships or rivalries, or one-handed grabs that seem unreal.

That, at least in some part, comes from San Antonio. It comes from the juice we bring that somehow, someway, lights up that Alamodome in a way that cannot be described.

It comes from US, and my San Antonio neighbors will continue to engage with UTSA football at a  strong level, I truly believe that.

And when they do, I cannot wait to see what comes next.

Until then, God Bless, and Birds Up.


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