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UTSA Attendance Observations from a San Antonio Local

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Still not sold on UTSA Football are we, San Antonio?

That’s ok, honestly, I don’t expect the casual fan to be sold based on the flashes of brilliance we have seen over the past year from Jeff Traylor’s UTSA Roadrunners.

Nor will I complain, or cast blame to any of my fellow neighbors here in Bexar county when thinking about 22 thousand people in the Alamodome against Western Kentucky this season as opposed to the 38 thousand I shared a Saturday with on the first weekend of September inside our Historic Alamodome.

Rather, I ask you to take a moment, and ponder on what could be instead of what currently is.

As residents of San Antonio, we are blessed with a unique opportunity. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a chance to be part of something special. We can be different. We, as a family, can establish what UTSA Football will be about for decades, generations even, to come.

A once in a lifetime chance to play a critical role in a program evolving into what will eventually be a household name like a Baylor Bear, TCU Horned Frog, Texas Tech Red Raider, even a Texas Longhorn or Fighting Texas Aggie sits right in front of San Antonio residents. UTSA football is like an eager, playful, and loyal lost puppy who has turned up at our doorstep.

The San Antonio I know doesn’t tun that puppy away.

I understand citizens of this great city have ties to other universities, and rightfully so. That is as it should be. But I must pose the question as to why the college football fan wouldn’t want to be a part of something that simply does not come around every ten, twenty or even fifty years. A chance to mold a decade old program and put San Antonio college sports on the map sits at your doorstep.

Sure, with no ties to UTSA one could easily decide to become a fan of one of the college teams listed previously who have been around for over a century, and who are currently in Power 5 conferences and play College Football perennial powers every year. Take your pick. That would be easy.

A San Antonian could choose to follow hundreds of thousands of others who came before them and support a team who have already solidified rich history and tradition. This requires little to no effort aside from deciding which tee shirt to buy.

Or they could be a part of the creation of that rich history. They could be leaders of the first hundreds of thousands to pave the way for other fans. They could help create a team instead of adopting one, all the while knowing that what is done now, is what future fans will experience.

Simply put, the question I have is this.

Is the 210 full of followers, or leaders?


We are trail blazers. We are tough. We never take no for an answer. If someone knocks us down, we get up. Just ask the 2014 Miami Heat.

We know what it takes to succeed. We are loyal, and certainly deserving, of our very own College Football Team.
San Antonio has done this before, helping shape the beloved Spurs into an NBA dynasty. Think back on that for a second and ask yourself was it worth it?

Yeah, it was.

I agree, so let’s do it again.


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