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UTSA basketball receives a much-needed locker room facelift

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UTSA Athletics Director Lisa Campos continues to deliver on promises to upgrade UTSA’s athletics facilities to a state competitive with peer institutions. This week UTSA Men’s and Women’s basketball finally received a long over-due facility upgrade as they both received massive upgrades to their locker rooms at the Convocation Center.

The Roadrunners’ previous locker room looked fresh out of the 90’s with outdated wood lockers and amateurly-installed team branding. Personal locker labels looked to be taped onto the lockers, and fold-out chairs were needed for athletes to sit in front of their lockers, making an already tiny locker room space even more crowded.

UTSA’s locker rooms now sport state-of-the-art lockers, refreshed and permanent branding, and cushioned chairback seating with additional storage. The visual styling is modernized and the removal of the fold-out chairs will go a long ways in hiding the size limitations of the current locker rooms.

While this is a relatively small facility refresh, it’s a really good investment in the basketball programs as they prepare to transition into the AAC where the facilities gap will be even wider than it was in Conference USA. Renovating the locker rooms is a low-cost upgrade that should provide some recruiting benefit for the programs.

With the Park West team building and training facility under construction, the next major facilities project to break ground for UTSA will be a practice and training facility for the basketball programs. This facility will be a massive step forward for both programs and will be partially-funded with contributions from local government.

While progress is taken one step at a time, it’s really encouraging to see UTSA finally start to get their athletics facilities in order.

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