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Welcome to Alamodome Audible 3.0

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We’re beyond proud to introduce the next step forward for all of us here at Alamodome Audible with the launch of our new website. The product of countless long nights over many months years, this new website will allow us to provide the UTSA community and our Patreon supporters with an even higher level of quality content.

We hope you guys enjoy browsing the website as much as we enjoyed developing it for you all.

Since there are sure to be a lot of questions about the site, its relationship with Patreon, the available features, and much more, we’ve prepared an introductory video to show you guys around the website, as well as explain some of the benefits that made us invest in this move.

Please contact us if you have any feedback, find any bugs, or have any difficulty logging into your Patreon account on the new website.

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