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UTSA Men’s Basketball Program Has Completely Collapsed

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We have a few things we've been waiting to get off of our chests. While Lisa Campos's decision to allow Steven Henson to coach out his contract was understandable, we can't stand to see what's been allowed to transpire in the program over the past two weeks as nine players have entered the transfer portal. We've never seen a mass exodus like this across any UTSA sport in recent memory. Is there any hope...    
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1 thought on “UTSA Men’s Basketball Program Has Completely Collapsed”

  1. Glad to see that I’m not the only one that is absolutely livid at what this program has become. Our student athletes deserve better for their sacrifices. Im sure they’re just as if not more frustrated than we are as fans/supporters. Thank you for vocalizing exactly what I’m thinking. Here’s to Steve Henson’s farewell tour 2023-2024 🍺.

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