UTSA increases season ticket prices for 2022 season

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It feels like it was just yesterday that UTSA took the field against San Diego State in the Frisco Bowl, yet the start of spring football is nearly upon us. The Sicko-brained among us know that football is a year-round sport, and we received another remind of that today as UTSA began sending out invoices for season ticket renewals for the upcoming 2022 season.

While many season ticket seats are unchanged in price, UTSA did slightly adjust the pricing for the seating chart ahead of the season. In most cases, the annual cost has increased by $10 to $15, or less than $3 per game.

I don’t have 2021 season ticket prices available at this time, but I was able to dig up the 2020 season ticket price sheet to create this side-by-side comparison:

While the price changes are minor, we have seen UTSA football fans be quite price sensitive in the past. Season ticket prices were increased following the 2013 season, causing total ticket revenue to decrease by 9%, and total season ticket seats sold to decrease by 6%. UTSA didn’t return to similar revenue totals until the 2018 season.

With an increase in on-field competitiveness, enhancements to the game day experience, and a marquee home matchup with a ranked regional opponent on the schedule this season, I think the minor increases in season ticket prices is more than justified. We’ll have to wait and see if the city of San Antonio agrees with me or not, as UTSA’s on-field success in 2013 did not parlay into increased attendance in 2014, as attendance actually decreased by 6%. The 2017 season followed a similar trend, as UTSA saw attendance decrease by 1% following the program’s first bowl appearance in 2016.

If fans feel the gameday value justifies the increased prices then it should lead to a decent increase in funding for the athletics department as they increase their operating budget in preparation for the move to the American Athletic Conference.

Despite price increases for many seats, UTSA took fan feedback into consideration and made adjustments in the hopes of addressing pricing concerns around midfield. You may recall seeing live seating charts last season where all but the midfield sections of the lower bowl were sold out, a strange occurrence compared to most stadiums. UTSA has split the six sections closest to the fifty yard line in half, with the upper section featuring reduced pricing. Hopefully this will encourage more fans to spring for a more expensive seat at a reasonable price and create a better crowd layout for TV broadcasts.

Another positive for Roadrunner fans is that parking permit prices have not changed. I’ve long felt like UTSA was leaving additional revenue on the table by not increasing parking permits prices as the secondary markets for parking permits show a huge amount of demand. Most schools charge a real premium for tailgating spots and take all kinds of actions to monetize tailgating. I’m glad UTSA is keeping tailgating affordable and accessible for families, as UTSA’s tailgating scene brings a lot of casual fans and non-alumni locals out to their first games, as well as builds a great culture around the program.

Additional information on season ticket pricing and policies is available at this link.

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