UTSA has never improved more in one season

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Author: Jared Kalmus – @JaredUTSA 

Statistically speaking, the jump UTSA made from the 2019 to 2020 season is the Roadrunners’ biggest jump ever.

UTSA’s winning percentage shot up 25% from 2019, their best since 2011 where it increased by 27%.

While UTSA’s winning percentage improved just a tad more from the 2011 season to the 2012 season, that’s a bit of an unfair comparison since the Roadrunners only played 10 games in the 2011 season.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this season saw UTSA’s biggest increase in points per game as the Roadrunners scored 7.9 more points per game than in 2019, a 39% increase! If we compare back to the 2018 season then it’s a 14 point increase. That two touchdown improvement over two years is good for a 96% increase.

The defense had their second biggest improvement ever at 8.2 less points allowed per game, or a 24% improvement. UTSA’s biggest gain was in the 2017 season as the Roadrunners’ defense improved by 13.3 points per game compared to 2016.

UTSA’s greatest statistical improvement compared to last year is in their point differential as the Roadrunners were 16.1 points better than last season, a three score difference! That’s a 218% improvement compared to the 2019 season. 

Last note — Scroll up and check out how closely the winning percentage trend line matches that of the points scored trend line. Hire offensive minded coaches!

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