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UTSA Baseball has Omaha in its sights

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Is this heaven?

No, it’s Iowa.

Much like Kevin Costner in the legendary film Field of Dreams, UTSA Baseball finds itself staring at a dream, even an unbelievable reality, right in the face.

In the classic 1987 flick, the dream is of course a baseball diamond built in a cornfield located in the Midwest, Iowa, to be specific, which magically brings ball players from the past back to life.

UTSA Baseball has a dream too. Does it involve players emerging out of a cornfield?


But is the dream UTSA baseball has just as farfetched?


That dream is a trip to the hallowed grounds where the College World Series is played. A place where dreams come true, where legends are born and glory reigns supreme.

It is a place ballplayers young and old known simply as, Omaha.

For the first time ever, the UTSA Roadrunners realistically have a shot to get there and seem poised to make this giant next step. Opportunities like these are rare, and extremely hard to come by in college athletics.

That said, what does a road to Omaha and the College World Series look like for UTSA Baseball?

Standing in their way initially is a talented, nationally ranked Dallas Baptist team. DBU visits the friendly confines of the Bird Bath in a few days for a series which ultimately will decide the regular season conference champion.

After that, regardless of the outcome, a competitive conference tournament in Houston is on tap for the Roadrunners. As it stands today, all signs point to UTSA being in contention for an at-large NCAA bid even with a less than ideal showing down the stretch of this season.

Assuming the at-large bid comes to fruition, regionals would come next, followed by super regionals and then the promised land. Omaha, Nebraska.

It is notable that finishing strong is of course important. Obviously. But for any team who can go into the final games of a season knowing you have done enough to get into college baseball’s most prestigious postseason tournament that certainly erases some pressure. This often can allow a team to play loose, which is incredibly important in the sport of baseball.

Because of a 30-plus win season and a consistent national ranking, UTSA is in this exact place, a place which it has never been to before, enjoying this luxury while at the same time not yet satisfied.

Sporting a strong starting pitching rotation and fantastic closer backed by a solid defense, this team is poised to make some noise as an under-the-radar group that nobody expects to win.

Think about that for a second. An under-the-radar group that nobody expects to win. Sound familiar? It should. Because this was exactly where UTSA Football was at only a couple of years ago.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. The 210 Triangle of Toughness mindset is contagious. Winning is contagious. National rankings are contagious. Tangible results prove that this is a great fact for UTSA Athletics.

UTSA Baseball understands that. Their skipper understands the big picture, just like Coach Traylor does. These men are grounded, down-to-earth leaders who understand reality and appreciate where they have been compared to where their respective teams are now.

These coaches share a similar mindset of winning and understand what it takes to be great. They both believe in UTSA, in San Antonio, and agree that the sky is the limit for the UTSA brand.

They are also both dreamers, whose dreams are becoming very possible realities.

UTSA Baseball is about to make a postseason run at the College World Series and Roadrunner nation gets to see it happen for the first time in history.

Wow… sounds like heaven doesn’t it.

Is this heaven?

No, it’s Omaha.


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