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San Antonio’s Trials and Tribulations Continue with a Loss to the Arlington Renegades

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Coming off of a very rough week 4 matchup against the Seattle Sea Dragons, the San Antonio Brahmas looked ahead to the Arlington Renegades. 

Arlington started off the game with a kick return to their 33 yard line and the Renegade offense started to tear into the Brahmas’ defense with the pass from the quarterback Kyle Sloter. They started to run the ball down their throats and really drain the clock for a good portion of the first quarter. Luckily the Brahmas defense held the Renegades to a 43 yard attempt of a field goal and the kicker for Arlington nailed it, making the score 0-3 in the first quarter with only 10 minutes left in the game.

San Antonio got the ball back but could not for the life of them get anything on the board for their first offensive series of the game. Reid Sinnett started out the game at quarterback after being a reserve for the beginning of the season. On Arlington’s next offensive series Sloter threw an interception to the Brahmas’ defense on a 1st and 10 attempt.

San Antonio got a great drive together and drove down the field with great flat routes and curl route throws from Sinnett. Sinnett and the offense drove down to Arlington’s 6 yard line and threw a great pass to receiver T.J. Vasher in the left side of the endzone to make the game 6-3. San Antonio attempted to go for the extra point, and they got with T.J. Vasher once again in the corner with a toe-tapper catch.

With some time left in the first quarter, Arlington mustered up a great offensive series in response to San Antonio’s touchdown with great catches that moved them up field with accurate throws from the Arlington quarterback Sloter and managed to answer back with a 25 yard field goal, making the game 7-6 with 10 minutes left in the 2nd quarter.

But with the next offensive series by both teams, none of them could move the ball until there was only 53 seconds left in the second quarter. San Antonio had the ball and Jack Coann back at quarterback. With Balladge getting a great catch to the sideline to advance the drive, a pass interference call advanced the Brahmas further down the field, setting San Antonio up for a field goal. San Antonio nailed the 45 yard field goal, making the game 10-6 at halftime. 

 San Antonio has gotten the ball back post half time and San Antonio made a steady drive towards the end zone up until Sinnett returned to the game and threw a pick on the goal line,  stopping momentum the Brahmas’ had on offense. Arlington managed to go from their goal line to San Antonio’s goal line and score a touchdown to make the game 10-12. Arlington attempted for a 2 point conversion but threw an interception instead, making the game still 10-12 with 1 minute left in the third quarter of the game.

Both teams could not find any answers of scoring through the majority of the fourth quarter, but a big play was made by the Brahmas’ defense with the safety blitzing through the B gap of the line and rocking the quarterback from his blindside on a 3rd & 13 attempt. This forced the Arlington Renegades to punt the ball to hopefully give San Antonio more of a chance to score and possibly win this game with 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

With San Antonio quarterback Coann back into the game, they had a chance to score on a 2 minute drive but Coann threw a bad ball on a curl route, resulting in an interception that prevented them from scoring. But with some strong defense played by the Brahmas, they managed to get the ball back once again to have a final shot at scoring to win the game. With 9 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the drive ultimately resulted in another interception, ending the game 10-12 with San Antonio once again coming up short. 

With week 5 being done, the San Antonio Brahmas are seeking to find answers to this dysfunctional offense. San Antonio recently traded one of their linebackers for a quarterback from the Houston Roughnecks and the quarterback San Antonio received has a familiar name — Kurt Benkurt, a former NFL quarterback from the Green Bay Packers. Come week six, the San Antonio Brahmas play the Arlington Renegades again, in a back-to-back series at Choctaw Stadium on Sunday, March 26th. 

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