Mailbag Questions Request – September 2022

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Hey folks, we’ll be doing our first Patreon mailbag podcast in a very long time this week! Please log in and leave a comment on this post to get our thoughts on any topic — UTSA athletics, Conference USA, college sports at large, or anything completely off-topic! We’ll do our best to answer as many questions as possible. Hit us with your best. We’ll be recording either Tuesday or Wednesday evening depending on the number of questions submitted.

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18 thoughts on “Mailbag Questions Request – September 2022”

  1. Any players that have yet to contribute that you feel will be big part of rotation come conference play?

    Buy or Sell. Jeff Traylor’s promote from within strategy is working.

  2. Which type of OOC schedule is preferable for us in terms of perception going forward: last year’s schedule or this year’s schedule?

  3. Do you think these pay day games we have scheduled with UT are more beneficial to the brand of UTSA football versus getting a 2 for 1 or even home & home series with a second tier P5 school like Tech?

  4. With a couple more games left in the Army series, than a series with Air Force, and Navy a soon to be conference mate, is it in our best interest to play so many academy games? IMO they are high risk low reward.

    1. How much do you think it would take for another university to swipe Traylor away? Does that change if it’s somehow Texas? I think he would leave for any amount, though Texas might temp him if they asked.

  5. Question from Adrian:

    Three game gauntlet to start the season
    ⁃ overall thoughts, big picture takeaways
    ⁃ Pass or fail/Grade

  6. Pick whichever questions you want to answer.

    – What’s your favorite football moment so far this season?
    – Taking into account OL injury history, do either of you anticipate Traylor recruiting more JUCO or Transfer portal this offseason?

    Fun Questions
    – If you were to describe the first three games with a song or movie, what would it be?
    – Both of you are stranded on an island, which current UTSA player would you want there to help you survive……and why is it the on-field Swiss Army knife known as Brenden Brady?

  7. Please comment on the recent report of the AAC contract extension with ESPN and member institutions receiving a $6MM annual payout. Will UTSA receive that or a lower number agreed upon joining the conference?

  8. Contributing a question of my own. Through three games do you think this team is better than the 2021 team overall when adjusting for strength of schedule?

  9. Is part of the reason UTSA always has so many injuries because they play their home games on artificial turf?

    What did you get at Buc-ee’s on the way to Austin last week?

  10. My favorite are what-ifs.

    -If Jeff Traylor wasn’t a football coach, what would he be?
    -If we didn’t fire Wilson, where would UTSA football (and athletics as a whole) be? Still going to AAC? Blown out be 70 last week?

  11. Odds of getting into a power-5 conference in the next 10 years?

    Also , looking back on this UT game , there was nothing better than watching every longhorn fans face when we captured that onside kick and subsequent touchdown. Literally the best feeling i could ever ask for as a utsa fan

  12. For my personal use… What do you like about the media coverage of UTSA and what do you dislike about the media coverage of UTSA?

  13. Do ya’ll think there’s a root cause to point at for the number of injuries on the O-Line, or are we just unlucky?

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