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Guest Post: Frank Harris and the bad day at the office

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You ever have a bad day at the office?

I know I have. I once made an error so significant that it left me in a state of doubt about my career. Said errors cost the company money, time, and a potential client. All of which came after being recognized, promoted, and trusted by corporate executives.

Rather than dive into specifics to describe the severity of my situation, let’s use a sports analogy.

It was my three-interception game.

In hindsight, it was one of the best things to ever happen to me. And the only reason I can say that now is because the team, leaders and executives believed in me still after my mistakes, and they let me know it.

In short, someone had my back.

Frank Harris had a bad day at the office on Saturday in Houston, tossing multiple interceptions after crucial defensive stops, including one in the redzone. Frank made critical errors, which in part led to a loss once again at the hands of the Houston Cougars.

Now, I want to be clear that while diehard Roadrunner fan support for Agent 0 is clearly still there, and will be no matter what happens, there are some who immediately cast blame on QB1 after months of raving about the best quarterback in the history of UTSA football returning for his final season.

I guess those fans never had a really bad day at the office.

See the thing is that for UTSA Football to get to where everyone wants it to go, it really will take everybody. Jeff Traylor isn’t blowing smoke when he sounds off about support from the 210 that UTSA needs.
Sunday morning, Frank Harris sent an apology via Twitter to UTSA nation. He apologized folks. How many other leaders in the college football world do that?

Not many.

Frank Harris showed loyalty to UTSA in a time of NIL deals from established college football blue bloods so lucrative it makes your head explode. It is now time to give that loyalty back to Frank. UTSA fans, alumni, students, and the city of San Antonio need to show Frank the love he deserves.

Is it more difficult to unconditionally support than to cast stones?


Is the potential for something great to result from it worth the effort?


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