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Guest Post: A Letter to Frank Harris

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Frank, I doubted you. I doubted you would be able to elevate your game in 2020. Covid wreaked havoc with many things in our lives and it certainly disrupted the opportunity for you to work with your new Head Coach (Jeff Traylor) and your new OC/QBs coach (Barry Lunney Jr) in the spring of 2020. I felt there was much for you to work on passing-wise to truly be an effective QB. After listening to stories from previous seasons, it’s clear you owned your weaknesses and you worked hard to improve yourself in every aspect of your game to become the QB you are today. Your passing improved to the point that the team leaned on your passing skills heavily, which is something I never would’ve thought back in 2020. I was wrong about you.

I doubted you could successfully return from various injuries to lead the UTSA Roadrunner football team since 2019. You’ve endured more pain in your body than most anyone should ever deal with in their life. Reading and hearing the stories of what you went through in 2023 make me cringe. Yet every time, you come back seemingly stronger than before even though I keep thinking “How much more Frank? You don’t need to prove anything more to UTSA fans.” I’m not so sure those close to you haven’t said the same thing to you at some point in time, yet your passion for UTSA football and, really, UTSA itself keeps you coming back. A record of 30-10 since 2020 and the manner in which teammates speak about you says all I need to know about your leadership. I was wrong about you again. 

Finally, I doubted you could live up to unrealistic expectations when you first signed your letter of intent to play at UTSA. You were a dynamic force in high school yet an injury robbed you of creating even more magic to end your high school career. Is it even possible to recreate what you did in high school at the FBS level? With over 9,300 passing yards, over 1,800 rushing yards and 98 total touchdowns in your career, it’s safe to say you accomplished that, and speaking for UTSA fans, we’re grateful that you did. I was wrong about you once again.  

This could’ve waited until the end of the 2023 season but after reading Mike Craven’s article about you, it was clear now was the time because this season is nothing more than the blue and orange sprinkles on your new signature coffee drink. So Frank…. Thank you. Thank you for proving me wrong. Thank you for representing UTSA in the manner that you have. Thank you for giving UTSA football fans memories that will last a lifetime. Most of all, thank you for being you.

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