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Guest appearance: Burnt Orange Nation Podcast

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Thanks to Burnt Orange Nation for hosting us for their offseason preview series as they give UT fans a look ahead to their 2022 competition.

Jared joins the show at the 16:48 mark. Kyle and Gerald came prepared with some terrific questions, as both co-host are alumni of Clemens High School and naturally huge fans of UTSA quarterback Frank Harris. We of course talk about Frank’s outlook for this season, as well as several other topics including:

  • UTSA’s offensive line forecast
  • Jeff Traylor’s recruiting strategy at UTSA
  • The best mexican food in San Antonio (what an impossible question to answer!)
  • Which current or former UTSA football player would make the best professional wrestler
  • And much, much more

Definitely give Burnt Orange Nation’s podcast a follow on Twitter @LonghornPod as we prepare for what should be a fun match-up in week three of the 2022 season.

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