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Film Breakdown: Houston Cougars 2023

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Welcome back to our film room as we break down UTSA's 14-17 loss to the Houston Cougars to start the season. Some procedural notes before we get into our first play. My goal for this season is to break down less plays, but do a better and more thorough job of detailing the plays that I feel like really teach us something about this team. I'm still a total novice when it comes to...    
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7 thoughts on “Film Breakdown: Houston Cougars 2023”

    1. Yeah you’re definitely right on Venly, Deandre got lucky on that one. My friend said the same on Kam but I couldn’t pick out the push after watching the play several times in slow mo. Might have missed a camera angle that showed it better.

  1. Always look forward to reading these every week. Big fan of you integrating the slow mo and telestration elements. Personally found the zooming a little disorienting and didn’t think it added much, but that could just be personal preference. Appreciate the insight!

  2. Love the highlighting of the players you’re calling out on each play, and the pause to spotlight them again before they do whatever awesome or questionable thing you’re pointing out. Keep up the great work!

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