UTSA Football Spring Practice 2022

Episode 208: Taking stock of an expanded football staff as spring practice begins

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We’ve been out of the swing of football podcastin’ due to off-the-field distractions but with spring football kicking off it’s time for us to jam it back down in gear. This episode we focus more on setting the stage for spring ball, with a follow-up episode analyzing the spring period to come shortly. We talk extensively about UTSA’s revamped coaching staff, including a large increase in off-field support staff member. UTSA is really starting to look like a big time program in terms of its support staff. Credit to Jeff Traylor for advocating for that, and for Dr. Campos for making it happen.

At 46:40 we turn our attention to UTSA’s 2023 football schedule. Despite an early bye and some double-up homestands, it’s about as good of a schedule as you could ask for in the Roadrunners’ AAC debut. We’re all really excited for the Thanksgiving week matchup with Tulane.

Keep an eye out for an additional podcast this week as we bring Dan behind the curtains for his first Patreon episode. We’ll be surveying the baseball landscape around Conference USA now that we have a few weeks of play under our belt. Become a Patreon supporter to gain access and support our coverage of all things UTSA!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 208: Taking stock of an expanded football staff as spring practice begins”

  1. Hey guys, this has nothing to do with the current blog but any chance we’ll get an updated podcast of an All UTSA football team. I’m on the road alot and I listen to all of the football podcasts you guys have done and I’d love to get a revision because y’all know one is needed for sure. Thanks! Also, I had a conversation with a friend (I’m a old head by the way) of mine about what would UTSA Football look like had it started 30 years earlier, all things considered the infrastructure would have to be what it is today (or better) so, hypothetically, who would UTSA target as coach 30 yrs ago, breakout players that would have opted for UTSA back then (locally), could we be right where we are or better? Just a thought!! Thanks fellas for all of you hard work and content!!

    1. Hey Tony! We have a loooong list of potential episode topics that we’re constantly updating. Your first one we actually have two episode ideas that would address that. One would be an “All time UTSA two deep depth chart” and in another we would draft UTSA players and have listeners vote on the best team. I added your idea about what UTSA football would have looked like 30 years earlier to our list. Great suggestion, hopefully we can get to these soon!

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