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Episode 200: Bustin’ Ruston

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From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for 200 episodes! We never dreamed that the podcast would see this much success to keep us motivated to pump out so many episodes, and we have each and every one of you to thank for the distinct pleasure of giving us a reason to talk ball for several hours a week.

With Adrian on the beach in Oaxaca, our intern CJ Benavides makes his debut on our non-Patreon feed to relish in UTSA’s delicious 51-7 dismantling of Louisiana Tech. Buddy, these aren’t the Bulldogs of old. Crazy to see how much these two programs have grown apart over the past five years.

After frolicking in the pleasures of a blowout victory, we now turn our focus to a big game in Houston against Rice. The Roadrunners need a win to clinch their berth in the C-USA championship game, while the Owls are fighting for their first bowl bid since 2014. Stakes are high, but the forecasted temperature is low. Can the Roadrunners overcome the elements once again, or will a cold rainy day lead to another disappointment ala Denton 2021?

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