UH Touchdown Catch 2022

Episode 187: UTSA lets a ranked upset slip through their hands

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I think we’re all ready to put this game to bed, but lessons must be learned from defeat. We split our game recap and next week’s preview into two separate episodes so that we could fully digest an absolutely massive triple overtime game against Houston, as there was simply a ton of takeaways to share from the season opener.

Yes, the Roadrunners dropped a game that they had in the bag. Yes, there were mistakes uncharacteristic of Jeff Traylor’s program. But to walk away from this game anything other than impressed with this team’s capabilities seems short-sighted. This Roadrunner team looks to be special once again.

While signs of encouragement were abundant, the Roadrunners did suffer a brutal loss when Makai Hart when down with a serious injury in the first quarter. The starting right tackle was primed for a breakout season but now the Roadrunners will have to move forward with an absolutely gutted depth chart at the offensive tackle position.

We also spent some time discussing the positive, instant impact UTSA’s group of transfer additions made as players like Nick Fortune and Joe Evans showed why they were standouts at the P5 level.

We’ll be back on Tuesday evening with a Patreon bonus episode where we provide some deep analysis of Will Stein’s offense, discuss the new College Football Playoff 12-team model, and recap some initial showings from Conference USA in 2022.

Our Army preview will come on Wednesday as the Roadrunners will look to bounce back from a painful set back against Houston. Bettors are already placing their trust in the Runners as they’ve grown to a 2.5 point favorite over the Black Knights.

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