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Episode 184: Performance Science with Coach Ryan Filo

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We’re back in town after an exhilarating rush through beautiful Chicago for Jared’s bachelor party. We wasted absolutely no time in getting back into the swing of podcasting, as we were fortunate enough to have Ryan Filo, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performance at UTSA, join us on the podcast for an incredibly insightful interview.

Coach Filo walked us through the growth of the strength and conditioning program at UTSA, and how all sports are benefitted by the additional headcount in the department.

We also walked through the affect the Roadrunner Athletics Center for Excellence is having on UTSA’s strength program, and how technology is a core aspect of everything Coach Filo and his staff implement in training Roadrunner athletes.

This description just scratches the surface of the conversation so be sure to tune in. Interview begins after the 14 minute mark.

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