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Episode 182: Interview with Draw the Line author Dr. Hunter Taylor

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Last week we published a book review for Draw the Line: Jeff Traylor, the Gilmer Buckeyes, and a Season Deep in the Heart of East Texas. We’re now joined by the book’s author Dr. Hunter Taylor to talk about the shared rituals of high school football Fridays in small towns, Jeff Traylor’s rise to becoming a Division I head coach, and much more. We can’t stress enough how enjoyable of a read Draw the Line is. If you’re in the San Antonio area be sure to make it out for the book signing event at The Well on 7/19, or purchase a copy through Dr. Taylor’s website.

Our interview with Dr. Taylor starts at the 28 minute mark.

Before we get into our interview with Dr. Taylor, we also spend some time discussing the release of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine, as UTSA is prominently featured throughout the mag. We also reacted to a great podcast interview between two long-time guests of the show, Mike Craven of DCTF, and Javi Cardenas of You can find their full interview at this link.

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