UTSA vs UNT 11/27/2021

Episode 171: The Massacre in the Metroplex

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UTSA showed up unprepared to play and UNT opened up a can on the Roadrunners, tarnishing UTSA’s perfect season. Jeff Traylor will have to rally his troops quickly as the Roadrunners are set to compete for a conference championship for the first time in program history this Friday.

00:18 – We try to figure out what exactly went wrong for UTSA in Denton and what it means for the season going forward

34:31 – Adrian and Jared have completely lost their patience with UTSA’s turnover problems on special teams

51:15 – Western Kentucky has really turned their season around since UTSA beat them with a last-minute interception 

1:08:39 – What if I told you Bailey Zappe has played in the Alamodome before?

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