Episode 166: Preparing for new eras for both of UTSA’s basketball programs

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Jhivvan Jackson and Keaton Wallace have moved on from UTSA, leaving generational legacies in their wake as elite scorers. Meanwhile, former UT Longhorns coach Karen Aston will embark on a multi-year journey to rebuild a women’s basketball program that has long been a stain on the university’s image. Both the men’s and women’s programs face difficult questions as they head into the 2021 season, as well as the American Athletic Conference in future years.

1:24 – Setting the scene for what life without Jhivvan and Keaton may look like, and what it should look like

07:03 – Introducing our anticipated starters for the men’s squad, as well as contributors off the bench, and new names to watch out for

45:26 – Breaking down UTSA’s schedule which features the Roadrunners’ hosting a multi-team event at the Convocation Center

59:06 – What kind of a gap in competition and resources will UTSA face as they head into the AAC? Which areas will UTSA need to make the most improvements in to be competitive? And what facility upgrades are on the way to make that start to become a reality?

1:11:47 – To move over to women’s basketball, new head coach Karen Aston inherits a program that is in the worse shape of any sport at UTSA. The Roadrunners lost most of their talent last season, but some impact transfers will be able to help Coach Aston start building a culture. Wins and losses truly won’t matter for UTSA as the program attempts to find a new identity

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