Episode 162: UTSA fights off the hangover against UNLV

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Big episode this week as we thank you guys for getting us over the 100 premium subscriber hump! Two extra podcasts coming your way this week, so stay tuned for more and join us for The Summit on Thursday!

5:15 – UTSA fights off a testy UNLV team to improve their record to 5-0 on the year

22:35 – 20k plus pack the Dome to create a rowdy environment, throwing UNLV off their game at several points in the contest. How did the crowd differ from previous seasons?

26:34 – We need to have an honest conversation about Sincere McCormick…

36:40 – Did some UTSA coaching decisions make the UNLV game closer than it needed to be?

44:12 – Hoo boy did the Roadrunners’ defense have some serious breakdowns against UNLV last week

48:42 – UTSA’s defense was really great outside of some busted coverages as the Roadrunners forced turnovers and flashed their depth

56:43 – Will Western Kentucky be the best team UTSA has faced this year? Maybe not, but that offense is as good as advertised

1:11:20 – How can UTSA clean up their defensive secondary and beat WKU’s passing attack? 

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