Episode 158: Hold the Cheese, Pass the Champaign

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Triangle traveled baby. The Roadrunners are 1-0 on the season after they traveled to Champaign, Illinois and silenced a Big Ten crowd with a physical and unrelenting style of football. We’re stoked for what the rest of the season will hold.

0:00 – UTSA smacked a  Big Ten program in the mouth, no flukes or gimmicks here

10:11 – How does the Illinois win stack up against some of the other notable dubs in program history?

17:00 – Did anything shock us from the performance?

24:58 – Highlighting a few of the individual performances that made the game for UTSA

47:50 – Lamar Head Coach Blane Morgan sure has had a rough go of it over the past 12 months

54:53 – Breaking down Lamar’s unique option offense and their personnel 

We’ll be discussing Lamar further this week as Matt Faye from the Beaumont Enterprise will be joining us on Patreon to talk about Lamar’s roster heading into this season, the challenges the Cardinals have faced throughout the past year, and more.

After we wrap things up with Matt, we’ll also be sharing our thoughts on UTSA’s controversial decision to remove the Come and Take It tradition, which we’ll surely be spicy!

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