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Do the San Antonio Brahmas still have playoff hopes? We say yes. 

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With the San Antonio Brahmas coming off of a loss to the Arlington Renegades in Week 5, the Brahmas looked to give them a tougher time in Week 6 as they played them back-to-back in a divisional matchup. 

In all of the first quarter it seemed that both teams defenses knew each others offensive calls already, by just not allowing each other to score any points until the 2 minute marker where San Antonio threw an inaccurate pass into the endzone on a 3rd & 9, forcing them roll out their special teams and get 3 points on the board. And with that, the kicker John Parker Romo nailed the 29 yard kick for the field goal, making the game 3-0 with a minute left in the first quarter.

With the second quarter starting, neither team could get an offensive series of momentum to go down the field until there were 6 minutes and 40 seconds left in the second quarter. The Arlington offense ran a read option and quarterback decided to keep it but didn’t see a defender already all over him. The Brahmas defender ripped the ball out of quarterbacks hands and took it back to the endzone for 6 with a 39 yard fumble return, making the game 9-0. San Antonio attempted to go for a 2 point conversion but nothing was found and the game was still sitting at 9-0. With 6 minutes and 33 seconds left in the second quarter. The San Antonio defense did not let up the rest of the second quarter, leaving the game at halftime 9-0. 

 Coming out of halftime, the San Antonio defense didn’t mess around. In the first drive of half, the Renegades managed to get a 53 yard field goal and made it 9-3 with 11 minutes and 55 seconds left in the third quarter. After that drive San Antonio got the ball back and they started to drive until the newly-named quarterback Benkert for the Brahmas threw a late pass over the middle and it was intercepted, giving Arlington a chance to come back and possibly get ahead. That interception set up possibly the best catch all season for a touchdown by any team as Arlington starting wideout receiver Lujaun Winningham came down with the ball for six points. That made the game 9-9 with 8 minutes and 38 seconds left in the third quarter. Arlington attempted to go for a 1 point conversion, but no dice.

Nothing was done the rest of the third quarter, and so nothing was scored till the fourth quarter with a 45 yard field goal from John Parker Romo from the San Antonio Brahmas. With the game 12-9 in the fourth quarter and 6 minutes and 56 seconds remaining, San Antonio managed to get the ball back with a turnover of downs and ran out the rest of the clock with a 46 yard field goal, making the game 15-9.

Arlington had one more chance to go down the field and score but they couldn’t find anything due to the Arlington quarterback struggling to find an open receiver and throwing a pick to the tough Brahmas’ defense.

Now you might be wondering if the playoffs are still possible? The answer is yes. San Antonio is now 2-4 in the league and 3rd in their division, and beating Arlington made Arlington 3-3 in the same division as the Brahmas. And with this being Week 6, there is a brighter side now because of this victory. San Antonio desperately needs Arlington to lose the majority of the rest of their games which is indeed possible if you look at their schedule. And for San Antonio to win the rest of their games is also certainly possible.

The XFL playoffs consist of the top 2 teams of the 2 divisions out of the 8 teams in the league. So never say never. San Antonio currently has to play the Las Vegas Vipers this upcoming Week 7. The Vipers are currently 1-5 which makes them the second worst team in the XFL. Will San Antonio keep the playoff hopes alive? We will see this Saturday!          

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