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The start of a new college football season brings with it another opportunity to earn bragging rights over your friends, enemies, family, coworkers, and your favorite podcast hosts. Join our Alamo Audible College Pick ‘Em to compete for a selection of free merch items at the end of the season.

New to Pick ‘Em challenges? Here’s how it works. First join our Pick ‘Em group to gain entry into the competition. Once you’re in, you’ll submit your picks to win selected games each week. Rank your picks by your level of confidence and gain points as your picks either turn out victorious.

One caveat: You MUST rename your entry as your email address in order to qualify for your free merch should you win the Pick ‘Em. That is our only way to contact the winner to arrange shipment of the prize. Otherwise we will move down the top-ranked players until we’re able to contact a player to send them the prize.

Best of luck, and may the best picker win!

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