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Announcing the Banditos Collection

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With football season quickly approaching we’ve been spending a ton of time preparing for a successful season ourselves. One major area of focus has been improving and expanding our store. We’ve completed several small upgrades to our shop to make your shopping experience more engaging and seamless. We have plenty more upgrades targeted to make our store even better.

Shop talk out of the way, we’re thrilled to announce the release of our newest merchandise collection.

For all of our outlaws and rebels, the Banditos Collection was made for you. 

This collection features the “Grim Runner”: the last image opponents see before the Roadrunners send them into the perils of oblivion. The Grim Runner skull represents true Forever Roadrunners, down for the Birds until the day they die and even into the afterlife.

In the words of William B. Travis, “Victory or Death”.

The Banditos collection features some brand new product types for us including bandanas, foam-front trucker hats, track pants and a track jacket, a muscle shirt, and three-sided shirts and hoodies.

Check out the products in this collection below and keep your eyes out for additional collections dropping very soon!

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