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It’s been a wild offseason for us here at Alamodome Alamo Audible. Between bringing on our first intern, expanding our baseball coverage, soft-launching a new merchandise store, and a full rebranding, we are making our biggest move yet as we have joined Dave Campbell’s Texas Football’s new Republic of Football podcast!

Past a #2 at Whataburger and a bootcut pair of Wranglers, few brands capture the spirit of the state of Texas like Dave Campbell’s. We all grew up thumbing through the magazine each summer, anxious to see what the experts had to say about our alma mater. There simply isn’t a more trusted voice than the “Football Bible” when it comes to covering every single high school in the state of Texas.

When Dave Campbell’s launched their Republic of Football podcast it quickly became one of my favorite podcasts to tune into each week. Mike and Ish strike the same balance of fun and objective football analysis that we have always strived to provide on our own podcast. When the guys at ROF approached us about their plans to expand their collegiate coverage with a local podcast for each Texas FBS market, we were immediately intrigued. Not only was this an opportunity to expand our reach with a huge platform, it was also a chance to bring UTSA football coverage into more headphones and speakers across Texas. Plus we’d be working with some real five-star talent and enjoying a strong cultural fit.

So what does this change actually mean? First and foremost, our weekly football podcasts will be moving from our own podcast feed to the Republic of Texas feed. There you’ll be able to find many of our friends, including The Roost (Rice), Green Room (UNT), Jay Arnold (TAMU), and many more! Our own primary feed will host our non-football podcasts, including Around the Bird Bath, our new baseball podcast with Dan Nerdahl.

If you’re a Patreon supporter, fret not. The guys at Dave Campbell’s were more than willing to accommodate us in ensuring our Patrons were well taken care of. We will continue to produce Patreon-exclusive content as we always have. Our Patreon subscriber shout outs will remain on our podcasts on the ROF feed, but your business and tailgate will now reach a much larger audience across the state of Texas! We’ve been approached by several other podcast networks in the past but none were as willing to embrace our Patreon supporters like Dave Campbell’s has been, and that’s a key reason why we’ve chosen to team up with the DCTF family.

Patreon subscribers will also enjoy a single feed and app to stream/download all of our podcast episodes across the ROF, Alamo Audible, and Patreon podcasts. While our podcasts will be a bit more dispersed, our website will continue to host all of our content in a single place.

We know that we have thrown a TON of change at you all recently, however we’re really pumped about our future and we hope you guys are too. We’ll all be settled into a groove come football season as we watch the Roadrunners compete in the American Athletic Conference for the first time.

To our Patreon supporters, especially our day ones, THANK YOU once again for your incredibly generous support. We’ve always said that supporting our work is an investment in bigger and better things from us, and I hope these recent moves prove that. If you have ANY lingering questions not addressed here please reach out to us via our contact form or message us on any social media outlet. We’d love to hear your feedback so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Be sure to subscribe to the ROF Network to catch our next football episode as we break down spring practice for UTSA!

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